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Maneco Quinderé combined technique with intuition to create lighting projects that have dominated Brazil's cultural scene since the 1980s. The illuminator creates masterpieces for shows, shows, ballets, operas, parades, exhibitions, in addition to designing and producing luminaires for architectural projects and design fairs such as ART RIO and SP ARTE. In each collection, pieces with functional contours with lightweight materials that allow infinite possibilities of weight, shape and texture; With them, Maneco tells his story through light, his most direct way of communicating with the world. Along this path, Maneco Quinderé e Associados emerges as a way of applying and combining all the technical and aesthetic knowledge of lighting with architecture. Therefore, MQA is an office specialized in lighting for architecture, working for more than 20 years in the development of lighting projects for the most diverse architectural scales.
Rio de Janeiro
Beatriz Neves | Carolina Lopes | Herick Ribeiro
Lennara Nogueira | Manoela Valente
Bernardo Soares | Victória Campos
São Paulo
Alanna Oliveira | Letycia Moura | Luis Tagliavini
  Thaís Buranelli | Thales Sportero
Isabella do Val Salge | Renata Dias

Maneco Quinderé

Diretor Criativo

Lina Castelo Branco

Gerente Financeiro
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